Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lessons from a Gentle Giant

Kids say really mean things now a days! 

I've heard that phrase used many times but it didn't mean much to me until it hit home. One would think that being the tallest kid in their school would be something to feel good about, but this is not so. 
There's nowhere to hide.  
You are a very easy target because who better to be the butt of jokes than the 6ft, overweight, slow, baby-faced gentle giant??? 
Uncomfortable in his own skin and not very confident in what he does because he's always told by teachers and fellow students that he's not good enough...not trying enough...not fast enough...or skinny enough.
Kids do say mean things. 
I hope my son always holds onto the lesson that mean people have taught him: 
 I hope he never makes another kid feel uncomfortable in his/her skin.

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